Why diets only ruin your life and if you can lose weight without them

Why diets don’t help you lose weight forever
There are plenty of delicious calorie foods around, and they are often used as a cheap way to have fun or relieve stress. People get fat, and then, after watching models and fitness bloggers, they choose a diet and start losing weight. A calorie deficit helps to lose about 5-10% of the weight and even keep it off for a few months. But it doesn’t last long.

One meta-analysis using data from more than 21,942 people found that people lose an average of about 4.5 pounds in 6 months on a diet and then gain it all back after a year. Another review estimated that between 29% and 64% of those who lost weight four to five years after dieting weigh even more than they did before.

Of course, you can go on another diet. And then another. But that’s not so healthy. The same review noted that cycles of gaining and losing weight increase the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke and diabetes, and are bad for blood pressure, cholesterol levels and immune function. Even more so than excess but stable body weight.

There are two main reasons why diets don’t help you lose weight permanently or even permanently. Food restrictions:

Slow down the metabolism – the amount of energy the body spends on daily needs. The body goes into a savings mode, and when a person drops the diet, it doesn’t switch back. You spend less and eat the same as you did before the restrictions were imposed. As a result, the resulting caloric surplus leads to a rapid return of lost pounds.
Lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Eating disorders are becoming more common. Researchers checked 94 studies from different countries and noted that from 2006 to 2018, the number of people suffering from them increased from 3.5 percent to 7.8 percent. And one American survey found that 65% of women have an unhealthy relationship with food. For example, they want to lose weight despite being at a healthy weight, worry about their pounds, or eat when they’re not hungry.

How diets ruin lives
In addition to not helping people maintain a healthy weight, diets also make people suffer, feel guilty and hate themselves.

What’s more, the dieter’s world narrows down and revolves around food – counting calories, waiting for the next meal, fighting with yourself. This takes away strength, increases stress levels, and makes people unhappy.

Numerous weight-loss marathons offer a seemingly well-thought-out program: people are given calorie counts and the required GIs, and asked to eat healthy foods. But even these do not lead to good results. People get caught in the same swing, suffer, break down, and gain again.

All the stories of trying to lose weight by restricting calories are strikingly similar. None of them end with, “I’ve been on this diet for 10 years without a breakdown, and I have no problems with my weight or my health.” The only way to read that is to read an advertisement for a marathon or another super-efficient diet.



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